A majority of my figurative work is people centric. Over the years I’ve come to realize that I have great difficulty focusing on trees, rocks, or animals for any extended period of time. So what if a tree or flower has a branch or pedal in the wrong place? What if a rock is thicker or darker or rounder than the object it references? But with people, and especially faces, it all matters. Portraits are the epitome of the perfect right and left brain exercise. The accuracy appeals to the left, and the interpretation appeals to the right. The formation of a bond between the work and myself is stronger, as well as the bond between future viewers and the work.

Yes, at present, there is a western bent to my work. This is reflective of both the community and environment where I currently live as well as the suitable faces I’ve been able to find. By no means do I consider it a primary direction or a definitive genre.

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